Incredible challenges. Complex and exciting projects. Ideas which come true!


After the first phase of study and design, of continuous comparisons between our technicians and the customer, we move on to the realization respecting the high qualitative standards required.
The installation of the finished product on the worksite becomes pure formality, because it follows a pre-assembly phase in the factory and a final test which allows all necessary feasibility controls.


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A few steps from the Kremlin, the penthouse of a Russian oligarch. Essential requirements: safety, privacy and design. Hence the tailor-made design of highly technological bullet-proof fixtures, with an impact resistance of 1500J (a bullet fired from an AK-47), an average weight of 800 kg of glazing with a shielding system inside with laminated LCD crystals and instant darkening of the frame with a simple touch, without using curtains.

The lifting and handling of heavy objects required an unconventional system for assembling the entire steel structure at 70 m height.

Finally, to make the entire building envelope impregnable, ballistic steel coatings have been adopted.




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At Trinità dei Monti in Rome, the prestigious brand has once again demonstrated its greatness with a golden installation on the most famous stairway in the world. Style, elegance, stage presence for a 12 m high metal sculpture, with over 200 aluminium tubes finished with an anodised polished brass effect, able to enchant anyone who looks at it: this is the challenge we have taken up with enthusiasm.




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Majestic beauty and timeless design are the distinctive style of the well-known luxury Bvlgari fashion house, a true Italian excellence which we have made magnificent with Diva, a precious and refined creation, the result of an incredible design study and a skilful craftsmanship in its realisation.

An installation over 13 m high and with a diameter of 8 m that suspends a 2 m high pendant in midair, a symbol of the secular elegance of our made in Italy.




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In the city that never sleeps, an exceptional installation. The style of a jewel installed on the facade of a historic building in the centre of the big apple. Steel that blends into the lights to create a sculpture suspended in mid-air.



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KUBO-OK - 19 Summer Club | Santa Cesarea T.

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Differentiate in class, elegance and refinement. A project that aims to surprise and fascinate. A treasure chest which contains within it a technological heart allowing the remote control and the control of the opening and closing of Kubo-ok. Born to amaze and draw attention, an easy-to-carry bar, ready for use on any occasion.



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The US Embassy in the Netherlands, our exceptional customer.

The comparison with such an important customer gave us the opportunity to grasp the extraordinary aspects of the needs of the client in question, while managing to satisfy every request thanks to a continuous exchange of information and dialogue.

A covered surface of 380 sq. m, 27,500 kg of steel and 32,000 kg of stratified tempered glass: this is the scope of our special project, a successful test of the passion, professionalism and seriousness of Campa Srl, perfectly able to meet the needs and standards imposed by the US government for its representative office in the Netherlands.



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For the Menhir Cellars in the heart of Salento, we performed a complex intervention on interiors and exteriors, presented to the customer in a three-dimensional version in order to accurately assess the project.

The interior furnishings have been designed to make the interior areas elegant and functional with bookcases that also serve as exhibitors and internal partitions. A refined and at the same time light and sophisticated interior staircase becomes a unique piece of furniture, designed specifically to integrate with the general style of the furniture.

Another clean and essential element is the thermal break windows with stratified chamber glass in a burgundy colour.

In the external area, we created perimeter railings and gates with automatic operation, a large roofing for the processing area and a room divider which acts as a filter between the processing and the entrance area.