We listen to the customer, we identify their needs and requirements, we advise them with the choices and solutions best suited to the peculiarities of the order. We imagine, design and translate every aspect into a viable creative idea. Creative idea of which we verify the feasibility using the most advanced and sophisticated software licensed for design and simulation, creating a prototype on a reduced scale first and the finished product on a 1:1 scale then.

Each process is designed and planned in compliance with the climatic conditions of the country of destination and according to the regulations in force concerning construction, safety, planning and respect for the environment.

From here we go into the details of the design, through drawings on paper which translate into three-dimensional digital details: thanks to CAD software, modern hardware equipment and highly specific software interfaced with the operating machines, we propose a realistic three-dimensional model complete with photo-insertion and render based on project data.

Subsequently, accurate and scrupulous tests and simulations are carried out according to complex and extremely advanced mathematical/engineering models to guarantee the safety and sustainability of each product created in relation to meteorological scenarios, natural and anthropic actions of the place of assembly.

Implementation times and costs are set out below, with detailed planning of the order management with specifications that are useful for both the company executive department and external suppliers. We are able to boast extreme flexibility in the implementation phase also for possible variations during construction which are quickly integrated into the design and production phase.

This is possible thanks to three-dimensional modelling tools, photorealistic renderings and precision drawing, which we provide our customers. This allows them to receive a total support service, whilst being advised with the choices most appropriate to their needs. 

Finally, the production process is started: the Campa brothers' watchful and attentive eye follows every step, to make sure that the project is faithfully executed and to resolve any unforeseen events, so that everything complies with what is established.