Our history

It was 1974 when Arturo Campa opened his first VAT number and founded Campa Arturo & figli, a small carpentry firm of just 150 square meters, specialising in the design and construction of windows, fences, gates, canopies, supports for machines and cold rooms, supports and parts for conveyor belts, mechanical engineering components and small carpentry works, aimed at the private sector or small construction companies.

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Before embarking on his ambitious adventure, father Arturo is employed at an engineering company in Lecce, specialising in medium-light carpentry constructions. A denied right, the failure to be recognised the honeymoon holiday by his employer, leads him to undertake his own business courageously, proving immediately to be able to capture market trends, with a consequent adjustment of his products, thus affirming the innovative and farsighted nature of its business compared to its competitors. From small and large structural carpentry works, to assembly and industrial maintenance, through precision carpentry and mechanical work to a whole series of products still in distribution: his business diversifies but does not abandon its original core business, developing the production of load-bearing structures for the building industry and the construction of modular and versatile metal structures for small and large commercial activities, an evolution which led him to filing several patents, becoming a symbol of design and innovation at international level.

In 2009 Campa Arturo & figli evolved into Campa Srl, keeping the promise already expressed in the original company name: father Arturo passes the baton to his sons, Marco, Fabio and Damiano, who with dedication and enthusiasm make the company a real "atelier" where industrial technique and craftsmanship combine to make the customer's order take the form of a tailor-made dress. 

The success of each order, in addition to being managed in all its phases for a turnkey product, is the result of a pre-assembly in the company and a final test of the commissioned project, which allows all the necessary feasibility checks.

Today the company boasts two warehouses of 2,700 sq. m in total, within a property of 5,700 sq. m and a yard of about 3,000 sq. m used as a vehicle parking lot. Specifically, an area dedicated to the production and testing of real metal "sculptures", often large-scale special projects, the result of the ability to stimulate creativity thanks to the precious contribution of consolidated partners and local and non-local suppliers.


Our family

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Born in 1951, he is a man of extraordinary temperament, serious, generous, esteemed by his collaborators and his clients: father Arturo confirms himself as a fundamental pillar of the company.  Today he is 68 years old, has 45 years of activity and is still the company's director, also dealing with the logistics and procurement of raw materials. Every day, as always, he arrives at the Corigliano d'Otranto plant at 6:50 am.


Arturo has been able to make his company never excessively sectorialised but always in step with the needs and demands of the market. He has cultivated a natural inclination towards evolution and diversification, which he then passed on to his sons and his historical employees. Thus, between a planer and a laser, Marco, Fabio and Damiano took their first steps in the company, spending the summer and every free moment with their father in the company. They shared with him the ambitious goal of the international route that leads to Campa Srl, in the early 2000s, up to Saudi Arabia, with a consequent growing of confirmations and prestigious recognitions in favour of the company all made in Italy.

Today the company boasts increasingly prestigious goals, animated by the enthusiasm and dreamy eyes of the young Campa family members: Diego, Sofia, Alessandro, Daniele, Dario and Sara.


The first to support his father in the early 90s, Fabio. He was only 14 years old. He deals with production, inspections and site visits. He is the father of Daniele, Dario and Sara.


Marco arrived at the company in 1996, after graduating. He takes care of the administrative management of the company. He is Alessandro's father.


To complete the family picture of the company, Damiano, who landed in the company in 2002 after graduating.

He is entrusted with the technical and commercial operations of the company. He is Diego and Sofia's father.